The ideal transition from safety
barrier to bridge parapet

Tranzflex - Road-way to Bridge-way


Tranzflex is a range of transitions, which allow various products to be connected together whilst ensuring they contain and safely redirect impacting vehicles.

Within the range there are approved transitions into all of Varley and Gulliver parapets and between Flexbeam / Flexbeam plus and our Hi-Flex systems.

Using these approved transitions into Varley and Gulliver parapets, we can ensure that impacting vehicles are contained and safely redirected. When used with Flexbeam / Flexbeam plus and our terminals we can offer the complete end-to-end solution.

The transitions into the Hi-Flex range of systems are designed to safely transition between Normal Containment systems and High Containment systems again giving end-to-end solutions.

All transitions use standard components ensuring ease of installation and repair.

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